The UCC-1 Argument

The UCC-1 Argument


A. UCC-1 is the Best Gift you could ever give for you and your family, file today!

Today the majority of Americans pay taxes because when they get a job their employer requests that they fill out either: Internal Revenue Service Form W-2, Form W-4, or Form 1099, which, as a direct result, withholds taxes from their paychecks for their labor. [The majority doesn’t have a clue as to why they are paying these taxes in the first place.]

It has been affirmed that labor is a fundamental, unalienable right , protected by the United States Constitution. This fundamental right is not supposed to be taxed.

It is presumed that everyone, is expected to know the law. It has been long held that, ignorance of the Law is not an excuse or a defense. The well established maxim that: "He who falls to assert his rights - HAS NONE!", unequivocally establishes that just as a closed mouth never gets fed, "a matter must be expressed to be resolved."

When it comes to dealing with lawyers, government, and the Internal Revenue Service (which is not an agency of the United States Government, but a private foreign-owned corporation) withholding and keeping knowledge from the people is nothing new. It is a common business tactic that has been going on from the beginning of its inception. It will, most likely continue as long as we rely upon lawyers and government to do that which we ourselves should be doing.

In order to find the answer as to why your labor is being taxed, when the Constitution says it is not supposed to be, It is necessary to understand how government exists and operates.

To accomplish this requires a quick review back in history to the time of the War Between the States.

The People of this Nation lost their true Republican form of government. On March 27, 1861 seven southern States walked out of Congress leaving the entire legislative Branch of Government without quorum. The Congress of the Constitution was dissolved for inability to disband or re-convene. The Republican form of Government, which the People were guaranteed - ceased to exist. Out of necessity to operate the Government, President Lincoln issued Executive Order No. 2. in April 1861, reconvening the Congress at gunpoint in Executive, emergency, martial-law-rule jurisdiction. Since that time there has been no “‘de jure” (sanctioned by law) Congress. Everything functions under “color of law” (the appearance or semblance, without substance, of legal right.) Through Executive Orders under authority of the War Powers, (i.e. emergency, i.e. law of necessity) the "law of necessity" means no law whatsoever, as per such maxims of law as: "Necessity knows no law" [(the law of forbidding killing is voided when done in self-defense)]. "In time of war laws are silent." Cicero.

To establish the underlying debt of the Government to the Bankers, to create corporate entities that are legally subject to the jurisdiction which they exist, and to create the jurisdiction itself correctly, the so-called (fraudulent and unratified) Fourteenth Amendment was proclaimed and passed in 1868. This was a cestui que trust (operation in law) incorporated in a military, private, International, commercial, de facto jurisdiction created by, and belonging to, the Money Power, existing within the emergency of the War Powers, the only operational jurisdiction since the dissolution of Congress in 1861.

Through the 14th Amendment, an artificial person-corporate entity-franchise entitled "citizen of the United States” was born into private, corporate limited liability. Section 4 of the 14th Amendment states: "The validity of the Public Debt of the United States (to the Bankers) ... shall not be questioned."

Within the above-referenced private jurisdiction of the International Bankers, the private and foreign owned "Congress" formed a corporation, commercial agency, and Government for the "District of Columbia" on February 21, 1871, Chapter 62, 16 Stat. 419. This corporation was reorganized June 11, 1878, Chapter 180, 20 Stat. 102, and re-named "United States Government." This corporation privately trade marked the names: "United States," "U.S.," "US," "U.S.A.," "USA" and "America."

When the United States declared itself a municipal corporation, it also created what is known as a cestui que trust to function under by implementing the Federal Constitution of 1871, and incorporating the previous United States Constitutions of 1787 and 1791 as amended, as by-laws. Naturally, as the grantor of the trust, this empowered the United States Government to change the terms of the trust at will.

As evidenced under the Federal Constitution of 1871, the 14th Amendment, the People of the United States, without their consent, were declared "Citizens" and granted "Civil Rights." These so-called civil rights are nothing more than mere privileges. Privileges which government licenses, regulates, and can re-interpret to suit it's purposes at any time for any reason. The Federal Corporate Government also conveniently somehow forgot to disclose to the People that the term "Citizen” with which they have made every living and breathing inhabitant a “subject”, was defined in law as a "Vessel" engaged in commerce.

In 1912, when the bonds, that were keeping the US Government afloat, and, were owned by the Bankers, came due, the Bankers refused to re-finance the debt, and the colorable, martial-law-rule Congress was compelled to pass, the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. This Act surrendered constitutional authority to create, control, and manage the entire money supply of the United States to a handful of private, mostly-foreign bankers. This placed exclusive creation and control of the money within the private, commercial, foreign, and military jurisdiction of 1861, into corporate limited liability. America converted from United States Notes to Federal Reserve Notes, beginning with the passage of The Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Federal Reserve Banks were incorporated in 1914, and, in 1916, began to circulate their private, corporate Federal Reserve Notes as "money" alongside the nations “de jure” currency, the United States Notes. Whereas United States Notes were actually warehouse receipts for deposits of gold and silver in a warehouse (bank), thus representing wealth (substance, portable land; the money of sovereigns), the new flat money (Federal Reserve Notes) amounted to "bills for that which was yet to be paid," i.e. for what was owed! For the new "benefit" of being able to carry around U.S. Government debt instruments (Federal Reserve Notes) in our wallets instead of Gold Certificates or Silver Certificates, we agreed to redeem the newly issued Federal Reserve Notes in gold and also to pay interest for their use in gold ONLY! Essentially, the Fed issued paper with pretty green ink on it and we agreed to give them gold in exchange for the "privilege" of using it. Such was the bargain. Through paying interest to the Federal Reserve Corporation in gold, the US Treasury became progressively depleted of its gold. America's gold certificates, coin, and bullion were continually shipped off to the coffers of various European Banks and Power Elite. In 1933, when the Treasury was drained and the debt was larger than ever (a financial condition known as "Insolvency"), President Roosevelt proclaimed the bankruptcy of the United States. Every 14th Amendment "citizen of the United States" was pledged as an asset to finance the Chapter 11 re-organization expenses and pay interest in perpetuity to the CREDITORS (Federal Reserve Bankers) and the "national debt", ("which shall not be questioned").

On March 9, 1933, Congress passed the Amendatory Act (also known as the Emergency Banking Relief Act) to the Trading with the Enemy Act (originally passed on October 6, 1917) at a time when the United States was not in a shooting war with any foreign foe and included the People of the United States as the enemy.

At the conference of Governors held on March 6, 1933, the Governors of the 48 States of the Union accommodated the Federal Bankruptcy of the United States Corporation by pledging the faith and credit of their State to the aid of the National Government.

Senate Document 43 of the 73rd Congress, 1st Session (1933) did declare that ownership of ALL PROPERTY is in the STATE and individual so-called ownership is only by virtue of government, i.e. law amounting to "mere-user” only; and individual use of all property is subordinate to the necessities of the United States Government.

Under House Joint Resolution 192 of June 5, 1933, Senate Report No. 93549, and Executive Orders 6072, 6012 and 6246, the Congress and President Roosevelt officially declared bankruptcy of the United States Government. |

Regardless of the cause or reason, what many American's either do not understand and/or have failed to seriously grasp, is that by the use of Federal Reserve Notes; (which Is not Constitutional Money defined under Article I Section 10 of the United States Constitution), the People of the United States since 1933, have not had any Constitutionally lawful way to pay their debts. They therefore have not had any way to buy or own property. The People, for the benefits granted to them by a bankrupt corporate Government, discharge their debts with limited liability using Federal Reserve Notes. They have surrendered, by way of an unconscionable contract, their individual Rights under the Constitution, in exchange for mere privileges!

A review of countless United States Supreme Court decisions since the 1938, landmark case, Erie Railroad v. Tompkins, (304 U.S. 64-92) clearly establishes that only the State has Constitutional Rights, not the People. The People have been pledged to the bankruptcy of 1933. The federal law administered in and by the United States is the private commercial "law" of the CREDITORS. That, due to the bankruptcy, every "citizen of the United States" is pledged as an asset to support the bankruptcy, must work to pay the insurance premiums on the underwriting necessary to keep the bankrupt government in operation under Chapter II Bankruptcy (Reorganization). That upon the declared Bankruptcy, Americans could operate and function only through their corporate colored, State created, ALL-CAPITAL-LETTERS-NAME, - that has no access to sovereignty, substance, rights, and standing in law. The Supreme Court also held the "general (Universal) common law" no longer is accessible and in operation in the federal courts based on the 1933, bankruptcy, which placed everything into the realm of private, colorable law merchant of the Federal Reserve CREDITORS. To take this to a different level and not only explain why you pay taxes, but also why you do not own the house you live in, the car you drive, or own anything else you think you've bought and paid for etc. The State Government and its CREDITORS own It all. If you think you own your home just because you believe you paid it using those Federal Reserve Notes, just like everything else you possess by permission of Government, simply stop paying your taxes, (user-fees), (licenses) and see just how long Government and the CREDITORS allow you to keep it before they come to take it away from you.

How can all this really be? Why haven't you been told all of this before now? Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Every man is deemed (required) to know the law. Government expects you to know the law, and holds you fully accountable for doing so. Ignoring these facts will not protect you. The majority of American's have been given a Public Education to teach them only what the Public, i.e. government (CREDITORS) wants them to know. It is and always has been each individuals personal responsibility, duty and obligation to learn and know the law.

What this breaks down to is this: Back in 1933, when the United States went into bankruptcy because it could no longer pay its debts it pledged the American People themselves without their consent as the asset to keep the government afloat and operating. Because government no longer had any way to pay its debts with substance, was bankrupt, it lost its sovereignty and standing in law. Outside and separate from Constitutional Government, to continue to function and operate, it created an artificial world consisting of artificial entities. This was accomplished by taking everyone's proper birth given name and creating what is called a "fiction in law," by way of an acronym, i.e. a name written in ALL-CAPITAL-LETTERS to interact with. A name written in ALL-CAPITAL-LETTERS is not a sentient, flesh and blood human being. It is a corporation, fiction or deceased person. Government as well as all corporations, including the Internal Revenue Service cannot deal interact with you or interact with you via your proper name given you at birth, only through your ALL-CAPITAL-LETTERS-NAME!

Another little tidbit of knowledge which has been conveniently kept from the People is this; When the Several united States signed the treaty with Great Britain ending the Revolutionary War, it was a concession that ALL COMMERCE would be regulated and contracted through British Attorney's known as Esquires only.

This condition and concession still exists today. No attorney or lawyer in the United States of America has ever been "licensed" to practice law (they've exempted themselves) as they are a legal fiction "person" and only an "ADMITTED MEMBER" to practice in the private franchise club called the BAR (which is itself an acronym for the British or Barrister Aristocratic or Accreditation Regency), as such are un-registered foreign agents, and so they are traitors. Esquires (Unconstitutional Title of honor and nobility = Esquires), foreign non-citizens (aliens) who are specifically prohibited from ever holding any elected Public Office of trust whatsoever! Article I, Section 9, clause 8, states: "No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatsoever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State."

As a direct result, attorneys and lawyers cannot and do not represent you in your proper birth or given name. Attorneys and lawyers re-present corporations, artificial persons, and fictions in law - ONLY!

What the majority in this country fail to recognize is this: because of the bankruptcy and having been pledged as an asset to the National Government's debt, this makes all citizens DEBTORS under Chapter 11. DEBTORS in bankruptcy having lost their solvency - have NO RIGHTS nor STANDING IN LAW and are at the mercy of the CREDITORS.

All courts today sit and operate as Non-Constitutional, Non-Article Three Legislative Tribunals administering the bankruptcy via their "statutes," ("codes.") All Courts are Title 11 Bankruptcy Courts where these statutes are, in reality, "commercial obligations” being applied for the "benefit" or "privilege" of discharging debts with limited liability of the Federal Reserve-monopoly, colorable-money Federal Reserve Notes (debt Instruments).

This means every time you end up before a court - not only do you NOT have any standing in law to state a claim upon which relief can be granted, YOU HAVE NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS! Why? Because you are a DEBTOR under the bankruptcy and in addition to having contracted away your rights in exchange for benefits and privileges; you do not have one single shred of evidence to establish otherwise.

In bankruptcy ONLY CREDITORS have rights! In a nutshell, as a DEBTOR, it is impossible for you to access Constitutional Rights, they are reduced to mere privileges which are licensed, regulated, and can be altered, amended and changed to meet whatever the particular or special needs of government for whatever whim. If taking away your home, your car, taxing your labor, or locking you up for violating any of the Sixty MILLION plus legislatively created DEBTOR codes and statutes they have on the books today happens to meet the needs of government - it really doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize who the loser will be!



Is there really a real remedy to what has been done? Quite simply, Yes! There is one way and one way only you can protect yourself, your family, and property from this public obligation. The only unbreakable contract in existence in the world today is a UCC-I Financing Statement. [See Appendix Attachment No. I, Copy of UCC-I Financing Statement.]

Only through filing a UCC-I Financing Statement and Accepting For Value your Birth Certificate and executing a lien upon the governmentally created ALL-CAPITAL-LETTERS-NAME by you in your proper Birth given Name as the Secured Party, and listing anything and everything you own, will own, or possibly ever could own, as collateral in the Security Agreement, can you effectively and permanently remove yourself from the status of a DEBTOR to that of a CREDITOR, and actually own property, have access to enforceable Constitutional Rights. By filing a UCC-I Financing Statement, you become an actual CREDITOR with standing in law and acquire the ability to stake a claim upon which relief can be granted, and not have the fruits of your labor taxed

Simply following up the UCC-I Financing Statement with a Public Notice and Declaration/Depositum Declaration, can you, as a CREDITOR, acquire and access actual Original Jurisdiction Constitutional rights, that can be enforced.

Without a UCC-I Financing Statement, everything you have is pledged and owned by the State. You merely are the user of the property and must use that property in strict compliance with all the rules and regulations established by the State. If acquiring actual Original Jurisdiction Constitutional Rights and having the ability to own property free from government controls, and the ability to earn a living without taxation - interests you, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by executing that document without delay!

Only through filing a UCC-I Financing Statement and Security Agreement and then executing a Public Notice and Declaration/Depositum Declaration is it possible for anyone to legally access Constitutional Rights.

To try and break this down even further: Few people truly understand the words “slave and slavery.” The biggest benefit in filing a UCC-I Financing Statement is that you will no longer be a slave. The fact is, most dictionaries fail to provide an accurate definition of the words "slave and slavery." Even Webster's 1828 edition of the English language dictionary fails in its attempt to define the true meaning of the word “slavery”: "Slave: a person who is wholly subject to the will of another." Slavery is not a matter of being totally 100% subject to the will of another. Any person who is to any degree Involuntarily subject to the will of another, is still a slave. There are no degrees of slavery. The second part of the 2nd definition of slave provided by Webster's 1828 Edition is: "One who surrenders himself to any power whatsoever," which is closer to the real point.

The Uniform Commercial Code [UCC] governs ALL commercial transactions in the United States. Any "person" including government corporations, agencies, etc. involved in the "sales of goods, commercial paper, bank deposits and collections, letters of credit, bulk transfer, warehouse receipts, bills of lading, investment securities, and secured transactions" is governed by the UCC. The A form of Uniform Commercial Code is adopted by all States.

To comply with the Uniform Commercial Code in your state, a UCC-I Financing Statement must be filed with the Secretary of State, by any "person" who makes a claim against any other "person" in the area of commerce. All government agencies, (city, county, state and federal), operate in commerce and all of them, including the Internal Revenue Service, are private corporations. All Courts operate in commerce. All Banks operate in commerce. All "Corporations operate in commerce and all of these "entities" exist financially because WE are their collateral. They borrow on our "credit."

At one time, our currency was backed by or given substance by gold or silver. It has been thought by many, since the United States took the substance of gold and silver away, that Federal Reserve Notes were simply worthless paper, backed by nothing at all. That is not correct! Today, real people, United States Citizen's, you, me, your children, etc. back Federal Reserve Notes, much the same way that gold and silver did in the past. In other words, the living, breathing people guarantee or provide the substance for ALL money that is created. The Federal Reserve Bank clearly states: "Federal Reserve Notes are backed by the Full faith and credit of the American People." Blind Faith sets forth that YOU trust THEM. Who? None other than the Federal Reserve! Credit means something is due you! The Federal Reserve uses our credit to create ALL money. All of the money created belongs to the American People and the deceit of the Public and private corporations is so complete, they create it, charge it to us as a debt and then tack interest to it on top of that

How did the American People become collateral for the debt instruments known as Federal Reserve Notes? It was given to the Federal Reserve by a corporation called the United States, the very same corporation that created the Federal Reserve. As discussed previously, in 1933, when President Roosevelt declared a national emergency because the United States could no longer pay its debts. At least that was the spin given to the American People. All of the subsidiary States agreed to support the declared bankruptcy by "pledging" the energy of their "citizens." Their assets consisted only of State Citizens. The States in turn used the Birth Certificates to pledge the State Citizen as collateral to keep Government afloat. That is how the American People became collateral for the Federal Reserve Notes and so-called debts. The American People became warehouse receipts, like a warehouse full of any type of valuable goods. All of this, however, was a major fraud. Neither the Internal Revenue Service nor any other entity like Government files a UCC-I Financing Statement Into the Commercial Registry with the Secretary of State. If they did, they would instantly become subject to all the regulations of the Uniform Commercial Code. The Internal Revenue Service has done very nicely by bluffing and intimidation, as all others mentioned, by operating under "Public Policy" where there is in reality "No Law" at all!

The State Citizen is drawn "into commerce" when their Birth Certificate is registered and sent to the Commerce Department in Washington, D.C. This is where the American People became warehouse receipts upon which all of the money printed and circulated is created and guaranteed. In short, the American People became the collateral for all debts. They "The People" allegedly are "Government" property!

Government is a "fiction" and an artificial person and deals with us as a fiction or artificial persons only as stated before. To take this still to another level, let's use an example to explain and use the name of John Henry: Smith. When John Henry: Smith was born, his parents gave him the Christian name of John Henry and he shared the name of Smith with all the other members of his family. He was born a living, breathing being. When his Birth Certificate was sent to the Department of Commerce, it was registered and the Government, because it was bankrupt, turned his "real name" into a fiction. His new fictional name became JOHN H. SMITH or John H. Smith. His ALL-CAPITAL-LETTERS NAME was registered as a corporation at the Puerto Rico Department of State Corporations (Departamento de Estado - Division de Corporaciones) P.O. BOX 3271, SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO, 00904-3271, making him liable for taxes. He is now a fiction or artificial person; a non-living, non-breathing "person." It is a "strawman" (Lat. stramineus homo) or "fiction" which government brings all its so-called charges against and NEVER against the real person. Just like "yours," his driver's license now reads JOHN H. SMITH or John H. Smith. When he signs a 1040 Tax Form, he dutifully fills out the form as John H. Smith and then signs his name "under penalty of perjury, " thereby admitting he will be responsible for all the taxes of John H. Smith, a fiction in law, corporation. Look at your drivers license and see who it is issued to. How can government use a form of our name and turn it into a fiction (corporation) without our permission? They can't, we sign our name to all of their forms, which is purely voluntary "permission-in-ignorance." In short, we do it to ourselves!

However, for those who wish to control and own this fiction and prohibit government corporations, including the Internal Revenue Service from making so- called charges against it, a remedy is available: to do this by executing a UCC- 1 Financing Statement! John Henry, Smith would simply do what Government and the Internal Revenue Service does not do: File your UCC-1 Financing Statement into the Commercial Registry with the Secretary of State and claim EVERYTHING related to JOHN H. SMITH or any derivative name, corporate fiction; i.e.: the Birth Certificate and Social Security Card and Number. The living, breathing, real person then owns and controls the fictitious entity, including all contracts related to the Birth Certificate and Social Security Number. Thusly, the real John H. Smith, secures all rights, interest and title in the fictitious entity. Now, government and the Internal Revenue Service has to deal with John Henry: Smith but they cannot!, because he is no longer subject to government control.

Every living breathing person has both a Social Security Card and an Employer Identification Number (yes, there are exceptions). The Internal Revenue Service calls the Social Security Number our Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). Never do they mention our Employer Identification Number (EIN). What, "you are not an employer, so you do not have an EIN?" But wait. Yes you do! We are all employers and every one of us has an EIN. If you apply for a new Social Security Card (not a new number), on the backside of the card written In Red is your Employer Identification Number. Government workers are all employees. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM! Government employees work for us!, we are their employer! That is why, when you read the Tax Code to find the definition of "employee," under Title 26 United States Code, at Section 3401(c), the term "employee" specifically includes officers and employees, whether elected or appointed, of the United States, a State (Federal State), Territory, or any other political subdivision thereof, or the District of Columbia, or any agency or instrumentality of any one or more of the foregoing. EVERY ONE OF THEM ARE EMPLOYEES - THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE THE EMPLOYER. Write to the Bureau of Vital Statistics in the Capital of the State where you were born and request a copy of your Birth Certificate. REQUEST THE LONG FORM (Certified Copy). Never mind that you have a copy right now. More likely than not it came from the County in which you were born. The number assigned to your Birth Certificate by the Vital Statistics Office is of primary importance when executing your UCC-I Financing Statement.



What can filing a UCC-I Financing Statement do for you besides everything described thus far? Let's throw a few more examples onto the table to explain. As previously stated, the only real thing in the United States, is the American People. Corporations are fictions - DEAD ENTITIES! Let's use a fiction called GENERAL MOTORS for our explanation. Since the inception of GENERAL MOTORS which was originally created by another corporate fiction we call government, they have borrowed into existence countless billions of Federal Reserve Notes. Today GENERAL MOTORS proudly calls themselves one of the largest corporations (a fiction) in the world! It is taught that stockholders of GENERAL MOTORS "own" GENERAL MOTORS. The real truth is the American People own everything produced by GENERAL MOTORS - free and clear. Isn't it interesting this fiction charges us the American People for what already belongs to us - and then to add more insult to injury - they tack on a little interest to boot!

When Internal Revenue sends a letter or Notice to the fiction JOHN H. SMITH and says "Our records indicate you owe $15,000.00," John Henry: Smith, who has filed a UCC-I Financing Statement now has multiple options as to how he chooses to deal with this matter. John Henry: Smith knows full well he must respond to the presentment he's just received from Internal Revenue in a timely manner. Depending on the Notice or Presentment he's received he has either ten (10) days or thirty (30) days to respond. If he does not know what his time frame is to respond in is, to play it safe, it would be best for him to respond before the ten (10) days expires. John Henry: Smith knows that if he doesn't respond, after the allotted time. If he fails to respond. Internal Revenue will enter a Default Judgment against him. Because he failed to object to the bill or ask any questions about it, having defaulted, the amount can lawfully be collected from him. John Henry: Smith also knows that you never argue the amount of deficiency in any tax case. If you are not required to file, you should not care whether they say you owe fifteen thousand dollars or one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. If you are not required to file, the amount doesn't matter. You never argue the amount because that is a fact issue. The reason for this is, usually when you receive a Notice of Deficiency, it is for some unworldly amount. The Internal Revenue Service wants you to run in and argue about the amount. The minute you say "I don't owe that much," you have just agreed that you owed something and conceded jurisdiction. One of the proper methods is to immediately write the Internal Revenue Service a letter notifying them their Presentment is dishonored by you and you have reserved all rights under the Uniform Commercial Code at UCC 1-207. This normally should be all that is required. If this doesn't make the matter disappear then John Henry: Smith can exercise option No. 2 and can "Accept the $15,000.00 for Value" and the so-called debt is extinguished. Why? How Is that possible? Because every "real" American has a corresponding offsetting "credit" for all debt claimed against his Strawman or fiction.

Real folks all across America are filing UCC-I Financing Statements and ridding themselves of the debt and fraud of this beast system called by many as government and their created fictions. It has been established, "Lawyers and Attorneys have written well over Sixty Million Codes and Statutes to confound and confuse the American People and enslave them." None of these Codes or Statutes apply to any living, breathing, people who claim their heritage through what God has preserved. The fact that many Americans are filing UCC-I Financing Statements and commercially liberating themselves has caused major alarms to go off with Government and the CREDITORS. In an attempt to slow down this mass exodus, the Secretary of State's Offices after July 1, 2001, will accept no more signature filings. This means, if you, as a flesh and blood human being, have not filed your UCC-I Financing Statement before July 1 2001, your ability to remove yourself from that status of a DEBTOR with mere privileges to the status of a CREDITOR with enforceable Rights, is subject to become considerably more difficult to achieve. Therefore, he who hesitates, is lost - just as the old saying goes: "Snooze, you lose!"

After filing your UCC-I Financing Statement, it can be used by the real person to obtain what is known as a "Security Interest" in the fiction (aka Strawman) whom the Internal Revenue Service uses to force, intimidate, threaten and compel the real flesh and blood person to pay what are called taxes. Under the Uniform Commercial Code, a Financing Statement is used under Article IX to reflect a Public Record that there is a Security Interest or claim to the goods in question to secure a debt. The Financing Statement is filed by the Security Holder (real person) with the Secretary of State, or similar public body, and as a result becomes Public Record. As a party with ownership of the fiction or (Strawman), you become the Secured Party with ALL RIGHTS, INTEREST, AND TITLE in the fiction's Birth Certificate, Social Security Number, Driver's License, Automobile, Certificates of Title, Credit Cards, Loans, Property, Taxes, etc., etc.!

So what did it cost the moneychangers to enslave the American People? Nothing! The same is true for freedom; "For thus saith the Lord, Ye have sold yourselves for naught (nothing), and ye shall be redeemed without money." Isaiah 52nd Chapter, 4th verse 1.


Every contract consists of both an offer and acceptance. In every contract there is an Offeror and acceptor. The offer being the tale and the acceptor the head. Under contract law, title to whatever is offered transfers instantaneously upon acceptance, not upon payment like many seem to think. Payment, a consideration, is merely incidental. Attorney's and Lawyers who write every contract used by corporations, including Government Corporations, know that the acceptor of the contract is in charge or what is known as the Holder in Due Course. Holder in Due Course is defined as: "Title Holder of the contract." Thus, whenever you see any advertisement in the paper by a New Car Dealer offering you a new car at a certain price, and you’re attracted by what is offered, you run right down to the car dealer and without knowing it become the victim of the oldest game of bait and switch in existence! Here is how the real shakedown works: After you settle on the car with all it's options and the price with the dealership, you then sign your name to a contract, which in doing so, makes you the Offeror and the dealership the acceptor of that offer. It works the same identical way in every retail sale in the country, including Real Estate. You lose, because the seller is the Holder of the contract and in charge. That is the reason why you only get a carbon or photocopy of the contract. They keep the original contract and original signatures and obediently enter the property into commerce as the lawyers intended. It is a diabolical scheme! Whenever a Government Corporation sends you a letter, indictment or anything else charging that you violated some statute or code or that you owe some sort of tax or fine, think of that as an offer by the Government. For example: let's say you receive a bill for property taxes. This is an offer by the tax office just like the new car dealer. There are several options that you have when you get the bill. The number one option which most people take is to write out a check for the amount due. A check of course, is a debt instrument. Thus you are making a counter-offer to the tax collector, which they of course will accept, but the debt HAS NOT been extinguished. It is simply added to the PUBLIC DEBT. Once again, you have become the victim of a bait and switch!

Lets use the same example as we've previously discussed and this time, lets use a different tactic. Remember that the acceptor is in charge. This time lets simply Accept the "tax bill" for Value with the "right of chargeback." When you examine your property tax bill, you find out it is made out to a name (purportedly yours) in all capital letters. Which as you've already discovered is not you! It is a fiction created by the government. If you've done your homework, you've obtained a certified copy of your Birth Certificate from the Bureau of Vital Statistics in the State where you were born and have filed your UCC-I Financing Statement. Now you own all rights, title and interest in that all capital letter name character, including ALL contracts, mortgages and pledges. You're now in charge of anything you want to do with the fiction.

It works the same way with Internal Revenue Service. They send the fiction a "tax bill" for $20,000.00. You as the owner of the fiction, Accept their presentment for Value, place a value of $20,000,000.00, for example on it and notify whoever sent you the presentment that you now want a copy of their fiduciary tax return. You can request this because all of the money created uses your credit/labor as collateral. The amount you use is up to you. Only you can personally determine what value to place upon this trespass and violation of your property.


The words "Specific Negative Averment" which is what an "Affidavit Denying Existence of Corporation" really amounts to, are taken verbatim out of Rule 9(a) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, which in the Rule provides and describes exactly how to challenge corporate existence solvency, and capacity to sue and be sued.

The term "Averment" comes from the root word "aver": to declare or assert; to set out distinctly and formally; to allege. An averment is a positive declaration or affirmation of fact, especially an allegation. It is submitted in the form of an affidavit so as to invoke the superior credibility and power that comes with having unlimited commercial liability. As an honest, forthright, conscientious, sentient being you have nothing to hide or fear and so can state your position openly and fully by affidavit. Others with hidden agendas and skeletons in the closet need to hide behind their corporate mothers’ skirts of only limited liability. They are too terrified of being held personally accountable for anything to step up to the commercial plate and swear out an affidavit stating anything.

Executing the "Affidavit Denying Existence of Corporation" requires the receiving/served party to respond by affidavit, both written in longhand in red ink and notarized in red ink and sent to you via the Notary Public, and further requires that they prove:

a) All of the various fictitious, non-existent, undefined assemblages of all-capital-letters, e.g. "INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE," etc. legally exist, i.e. are solvent, have standing in law, and can be present in a court; and

b) Each has a proven contractual nexus with all the others, including the artificial person represented by the corrupted, all-capital-letter version of your true name.

Failure to accomplish the above in the manner prescribed in the affidavit establishes on the record his/her/their confession and consent of judgment that none of those entities exist. That there is no enforceable contract. You are not required to become involved in an imaginary dispute between non-existent entities!

It is crucial to realize, that the only way we can survive as a civilization is to cause truth to prevail. If history be our teacher, since it is so often stated: "History repeats itself and those who fail to learn from History, are doomed to repeat it," is forever present. Any society functioning on lies, i.e. data contrary to the way things actually are and function, will fail. As It is, mankind on this planet is hell bent for dissolution and disappearance as a living species. This is no exaggeration. When thoughts, words, and deeds of billions of people are increasingly wrong, erroneous, and false, the natural cause/effect consequences of such futile efforts to violate the laws of existence self-function to assert their own integrity. All that is false and contrary to the truth of man's basic nature and the nature of life eventually self-destructs as a consequence.

Establishing truth in situations requires exposing the actual nature of everything that is proffered. The entire system thrives and ravages the world because people accept the surface appearance of things at face value without looking for the underlying cause and exposing the truth of the matter so it can be recognized and understood. Reality's game is "truth or consequences." The consequence of acting contrary to truth begets ruin

It is therefore essential to neutralize both of the ways people are damaged by the systematic war being waged against them by their so-called "Public Servants": the commercial process and the "legitimacy" in the Law of Nations of War as a valid activity of nation States.

In certain circumstances, in compliment and simultaneously with the Affidavit Denying. existence of Corporation, the "Accepted For Value" UCC Commercial Process and whatever other affidavits might be deployed, the "Affidavit Denying Existence of Corporation" is essential to neutralize the commercial aspect of the war, and the Affidavit, "Bill of Peace" is used to expose the naked aggression of the systematic war being waged under color of law.

Anyone who wants to deal with you who will "NOT COME CLEAN" and be honest, sincere, and well intentioned, is self-confessing to be:

a) Disregarding the truth and acting on lies, deceit, bad faith, and absence of full disclosure, and thereby announcing to you by their actions (and failures to act) that they are an aggressor, criminal con artist with no authority, and an enemy. Since no contract can be formed without genuine agreement - free consent and mutual meeting of the minds based on full disclosure, good faith, and truth no contract can result from your interaction with them other than the criminal contract formed unilaterally by them via their assault upon you. This further voids all and every basis upon which to require you to do anything they say or to have anything to do with them.

b) Acting on their own, with no legitimate authority whatsoever, and are therefore personally_liable_in unlimited-commercial-liability capacity, i.e. NAKED!

Upon your opponents failure to answer or rebut your Affidavit of Specific Negative Averment and Execute your Bill of Peace a Notice of Default and Stipulation is thereby executed, served upon them and recorded in the Public Record.


Once the "real, live, flesh and blood- Individual has filed a UCC-I Financing Statement with Security Agreement in place and taking "all rights, title and interest" in the ALL-CAPITAL-LETTERS FICTION, ASSEMBLAGE, ARTIFICIAL PERSON (that very so-called name may be spelled with a first name, middle initial and last name) or "Strawman/Woman" when a "person (agency or other public or private corporation)" submits a letter or form suggesting that you (when its really the fiction) are being charged with a debt, taxes or whatever, a personalized letter is sent to the person who signed the letter or form or a person responsible for the letter or form being sent to the fiction.

That letter explains that you (the real deal) "Accept the Charge for Value." This basically tells them you hold title to the FICTION and anything .connected to the FICTION, it gives them NOTICE that they have committed a "Trespass against your property ... Your Rights!" It sets in stone that you are "the Holder-in-Due-Course." This is a banking/securities term and requires a quick refresher definition:

“In every contract there must be an offer, acceptance and a consideration. Corporations specialize in bait-and-switch tactics to protect themselves in every contractual arrangement. Such as, when you see a home you like, the real estate agency may have "offered" the home for sale through various advertisements. This is an offer. You look at the home and like it and the price is right. You tell the real estate agent "Yes, I'll take it ! "At that point you have become the acceptor of the contract and of course the home and price is the consideration. From a legal standpoint, this contract Is completed. The offer, acceptance and consideration are completed right then. The acceptor is the 'one "in charge." That at the moment, could be you. Then comes the old switch-a-roo! Now is when the bait-and-switch goes down. The real estate agent (unwittingly, as though ignorance of the law is any excuse or defense) then requires you to fill out a FORM in which you make an Offer and They the Seller become the Acceptor! The bait and switch is complete. That simple. You have now "voluntarily" become a DEBTOR -"forever," even if you paid cash for the place or latter pay of the mortgage. Why? Why can't you pay it off? YOU CANNOT EXTINGUISH DEBTS WITH A DEBT INSTRUMENT (I.e. FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES)! -<[Debt + Debt ? Debt; Credit + Credit ? Credit, neither satisfy or cancel the obligation of payment and do not constitute payment!]&Mac221;-.”

You have voluntarily made someone else the Holder in Due Course of the property. They accepted the instrument (contract) FOR VALUE. They now own the property. "All parts of the contract, including the deed are now "recorded in the property records. Look at your deed. It will have the, "FICTIONS" written in all capital letters. All we really do is add to the so-called National Debt whenever you-pay those taxes and make that counteroffer, with the debt, however, not changing and remaining the same whenever you purchase anything in this manner. So when you receive a Notice of Property-taxes on your home, the taxing authority is really making you an "offer." When you pay the taxes you are inking a counter-offer, because your payment will not extinguish the debt or cancel it out. They will accept your counter-offer, however, but the debt will still be there.

By the way, the Notice of Property Tax due will be made out to your FICTION! Keep these things in mind when you purchase 'a hone, land, auto, "etc. You make the contract.! Make the seller the Offeror and yourself (the real person with your; name spelled correctly) the acceptor of the offer. This puts you officially in charge! Make gold and/or silver a part of the consideration to extinguish the debt. You will be the Holder in Due Course. YOU keep the original contract and give the Offeror a copy. Do not record-the contract unless you want to give up the allodial title to the property. Recordings is not required and the original, contract by itself is all you need to prove and establish ownership.

Now with this explanation covered, lets move to the person who wrote the letter charging that you owed something. After filing the UCC-1 Financing Statement and acquiring a Certified copy of it with Security Agreement, you are now the Holder in Due Course of the property known as the FICTION or (Strawman) and any contract associated with him or her! Think of the letter as an OFFER and rather than making a counter-offer by paying, you now Accept the offer for Value. By Accepting' for Value, you are saying, "I am the Holder in Due Course" and ... because you have become the ACCEPTOR of the offer, guess Who is in charge? You are in charge and the Offeror has trespassed upon you and your PROPERTY! As the Secured Party or owner of the PROPERTY and Holder in Due Course, you now can set a value on the trespass. So if the Offeror has made the charge that your PROPERTY owes $25,000.00, you can Accept the offer For Value and set a value on it literally for any amount you choose! For discussion purposes, let's put a value on it for $250,000.00. You are going to tell this person to charge the $250,000.00, to your Personal Treasury Account and provide your Employer Identification number for the Account Number to be charged. This will be directed to the Secretary of the Treasury in Washington, D.C. The person has three days in under the Truth-in-Lending-Act to do what has been ordered. In addition, you are going to request that this person send you his/her Fiduciary Tax Return, which would show they have filed and paid taxes on the $250,000.00. They won't respond, so ten (10) days later you send a Second Request and at the same time send a letter and a Non-Negotiable Bill of Exchange ordering the Secretary to "Charge Back" the $250,000.00, in which the Secretary will be directed to credit the "other side" of his ledger for use by the Republic. When enough folks do this Re-Public – credits will eventually be in excess of the Public Sides Debits!

All of this is done in accordance with Uniform Commercial Code, UCC-3-419 and the Non-Negotiable Bill of Exchange In accord with House Joint Resolution (HJR-192) and will discharge the Public Debt.

The Secretary of the Treasury also only has three (3) days to complete his side of this Order. For he also is required to operate within the Banking Regulation Z, 72 Hour period regulation guideline governing retail agreements, as codified at: 15 U.S.C. §§ 1601 et seq. Basically you are done. By Accepting everything the (government or any corporation) brings your way for Value - there is no argument - no fight.

Remember everything is a "charge" from every Government corporation or so called private corporation. A "Charge" is basically to IMPOSE a burden, duty, obligation, or lien.

In criminal law, to "charge" is to indict or formally accuse. Everything centers around a DEBTOR being charged and the CREDITOR making the accusation. To IMPOSE means to levy 'or exact, to lay as a burden, tax, duty or charge. Remember that ALL CHARGES are brought forth against a FICTION and if you (the real deal) owns all rights, title and interest in the FICTION, ALL CHARGES CAN BE DISCHARGED by you, the real person, on the other side of being "charged," which is all a court of equity can do (all courts are courts of equity - bankruptcy), is to make a "claim." A claim means a demand as one's own or as one's right. A FICTION, i.e., a public or private corporation, cannot make a claim against a real person. Only a real person can make a claim against a real person Corporations are FICTIONS and have no right to make claims.



S.O.S.S./COMMERCIAL CLAIMS PROCESSING AGENCY offers one of the most comprehensive Security Agreements available today. This Security Agreement* is NON-DISCHARGEABLE by ANY Title II Bankruptcy Court, and is fully 100% transferable to any Heir or Assign. This Security Agreement carries a fully functionable Fidelity Bond and Indemnity Clause. The collateral covered is as extensive of coverage available!

S.O.S.S./COMMERCIAL CLAIMS PROCESSING AGENCY offers UCC-I Forms, Special Notices, Acceptance for Value Commercial Process Assistance, personalized service with processing, copying, typing, filing, Certified Document Custodian Service and Assistance, Process of Service Services in ALL STATES regardless where, you live

S.O.S.S./COMMERCIAL CLAIMS PROCESSING AGENCY provides prompt professional support services for all your COMMERCIAL affairs and needs.

S.O.S.S./COMMERCIAL CLAIMS PROCESSING AGENCY'S PROFESSIONAL PROCESS CONSULTANTS provide valuable and accurate information for educational enlightenment, and enrichment to empower you with "the knowledge" and assurance that in every commercial matter, the proceedings transpire only under the following terms and conditions:

1. ALL participants must be limited-liability corporations (persons, artificial persons)

2. Proceedings occur only with the express consent of all involved persons;

3. Each corporation must prove solvency in order to go to court;

4. Each corporation, as a limited liability person, must be insured and bonded (underwritten) to provide the stakes at risk in the dispute that are subject to claim in the event of losing the matter;

5. Your "Affidavit Denying Existence of Corporation" and, "Bill of Peace" are processed and serviced upon the parties with Notice that: "NO" summary or equity proceeding can conclude with any genuine issues of material fact in dispute:

6. No civil proceeding can commence until all criminal elements are exposed and resolved; and,

7. No facts exist to be set Into evidence or rendered subject to dispute until all the underlying principles of issue in dispute have been clarified

S.O.S.S./COMMERCIAL CLAIMS PROCESSING AGENCY provides full Secretarial, Research, and other professional support services at a reasonable rate. To maintain and prevail against any summary or equity proceeding (which is all there is today in all of the system's colorable, general-equity, privately owned, limited-liability, military, bankruptcy courts). Other Specialized Services include, but are not necessarily limited to:

1. Besides a variety of documents, photocopying, mailing, filing, recording, executing/processing/stamping all paperwork “ACCEPTED FOR VALUE," Notary Services for certification of your Unlimited Commercial Liability true, correct, and complete, all filing certified filed in the Commercial Claim Registry;

2. Complete Assistance with credentials properly prepared In your true name (In upper-and-lower-case letters) to give everyone Notice of your "Unlimited Commercial Liability."

3. Whenever you experience any encounter with the system, assistance with immediate Notices to all parties of your unlimited Commercial Liability using seven (7) point affidavits, "for and on the record," in which they are unequivocally noticed and told:

a) You are a real, sentient, flesh-and-blood man or woman acting with unlimited Commercial Liability;

b) That you are unlimited in undertaking all lawful and commercially just means to protect your life, rights, and property;

c) You have no requirement to be bonded;

d) You cannot be made subject to any limited liability proceeding without your consent, and you do not consent;

e) You must exhaust your commercial remedies prior to accessing any tax-financed court system to resolve any possible dispute;

f) Everything is under oath via affidavit certified and sworn on your unlimited commercial liability true, correct, complete, and everyone who is a party of the proceeding must be similarly sworn in or withdraw;

g) Failure to Withdraw or be sworn in self-impeaches and self-invalidates all of that person's testimony and credibility establishing fatal defects which terminates the case, and constitutes a mistrial and reversible error, so that anything done thereafter by such person constitutes legal and commercial violations which are actionable;

h) The insurance policy and bond of every judge and attorney involved limit them to dealing only with limited-liability corporate persons and forecloses them from being able to deal in any manner with unlimited-liability being such as you;

i) Since everyone in an equity or summary process must expressly consent to the proceedings and you expressly do not consent, they are barred from involving you in any such proceeding;

j) If they insist, they are required to prove identify, authority, liability limits, and solvency by furnishing you a copy of their bond and insurance policy;

k) They are foreclosed from undertaking any such proceeding with genuine issues of material fact unresolved, and the issue of your unlimited-commercial-liability standing is a fundamental issue inasmuch as it is legally impossible-for you to be in their court, or for any matters involving you to even commence, so long as they are in limited liability and you are under unlimited commercial liability; and,

l) Since no civil matters can commence until all possible criminal elements are resolved, conduct and inquiry of everyone who might want to induce or compel you to participate if anything you say can be used against you in any possible criminal proceeding, and if so to provide Notice that you exercise your right Secured by the Fifth Article In Amendment to remain silent.

1. Upon filing your UCC-I Financing Statement and Security Agreement and opening your Personal Treasury Account, S.O.S.S./COMMERCIAL CLAIMS PROCESSING AGENCY offers Tax Relief Assistance Programs by assisting you with the following documents:

a) Freedom of Information/Privacy Act Request to establish/prove your (Strawman)/LEGAL FICTION has in fact been registered in Puerto Rico as a corporation; b) Public Notice and Declaration The Law Does Not Permit Impossibilities, to access Original Jurisdiction Constitutional Rights;

c) Certified Demand for Proof of Jurisdiction;

d) Affidavit in Support of Proof of Jurisdiction;

e) Memorandum with Points and Authorities;

f) Demand for "Employee" definition;

g) Certificate/Affidavit of Non Revenue Taxable Occupation;

h) Withholding Exemption Certificate;

i) Demand for Full Payment of Wages and Cease Desist Withholding

j) Demand for Refund for past three (2) years taxes erroneously paid;

k) Accepted for Value and Exempt from Levy and Request of Employee Identification Number and Copy of 1099 OID;

l) State Income Tax Affidavit for Relief from State Income Taxes in those States where applicable.

Regrettably, performance is mandatory and failure to act immediately to remedy this matter is an unacceptable option or excuse.

If actually owning that home you live in, the car you drive, and anything and everything else you possess, if having access to Original Jurisdiction Constitutional Rights and its protections and if having the full fruits of your labor interests you . . . The time to act is now! Tomorrow may very well be too late!


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