Sacred and Public Knowledge

This sacred and public knowledge of self self governing sovereignty and practicing freedoms over the acceptance of liberties in creation of GOVERNMENT SOCIETIES can be dangerous in the proverbial hands of those who would to do harm; such has been proven in the records of war and crimes against humanity. However, any FREE PERSON, governed by GOD and COMMON LAW who chooses NOT TO CONSENT are not - in any way - bound to take any notice of Statutes quoted, because they are made by a LEGAL FICTION called 'THE GOVERNMENT'. 

The Common Law References ARE THE LAW. And they are ONLY THE LAW. The Statutes quoted are nothing more than the Rules and Regulations of a 'Society'. A Society that has NO LAWFUL STANDING because it cannot be SPECIFICALLY NAMED. A Society whose Rules & Regulations are, therefore, entirely VOID and IRRELEVANT. A Society that operates SOLELY by FRAUDULENT DECEPTION of purporting to 'make the LAW'. A Society whose Rules and Regulations only apply to those who CONSENT to be bound by them. 

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