Every honorable judge requires those who appear before him to be sworn to tell the truth, and is compelled by the high principles of his profession to protect truth and do nothing to tamper with that truth, either directly or indirectly, in person or by proxy, or by subordination of an affiant or other party. A judge cannot interfere with, tamper with, or in any way modify testimony without disintegrating the truth-seeking process in his sacred profession and destroying the fabric of his own occupation. To do so abrogates the 1st Amendment, which was established to protect truth. Doing so is committing professional suicide, as well as inviting countless civil and criminal repercussions. Any judge who tampers with testimony, deposition, or affidavit, is a threat to the Commercial Peace and Dignity of the County, State, and United States of America, thereby violating the laws of all those political subdivisions and acting in the nature of a foreign, enemy Agent (a Mixed War), justifiably subject to penalties of treason. Whoever acts against Commercial Affidavits without executing the necessary Commercial Paperwork under affidavit is subject to being charged criminally. Said charges include fraud, which is gaining at the expense of the loss of another using trickery or deception, and expand to include all violations that issue from said fraud. Commercial processes are fundamentally non-judicial and pre-judicial. No judge, court, law, or government can invalidate these Commercial processes, i.e. an affidavit or a lien or complaint based thereon, because no third party can invalidate someone's affidavit of truth. To act against such an affidavit is to create a situation and/or enhance the condition of a Mixed War. No one can rebut an affiant except a party (e.g. a lien debtor) who alone, by his own affidavit, must speak for himself or herself if challenged. Only someone himself or herself knows his or her truth and has the right and responsibility to assert it. A Mixed War condition exists where "authorities" have violated their oaths of office, violated the fundamental law they swore to uphold and protect, violated the codes, statutes, and regulations that govern them and in so doing disregard the peace and safety of the community by their acts, operating as Agents for undisclosed Foreign Principals or Governments against those whom they swore to protect. Such acts of Treason constitute a secret war against the people. When an Affidavit is flagged in Commerce it becomes a Federal Document because it could become translated into a Security (for example by being attached in support of a Commercial Lien), and not accepting and/or filing a Commercial Affidavit becomes a Federal offense.

Legal Authority: This is the best known Commercial process in America. Its prime user is the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS uses all three tracking codes. The federal code is the taxpayer's IRS document file number. The next stronger code is the County Recorder's number. The strongest, most important, most universal code is the taxpayer's identification number (TIN), also known as the Social Security Number (SSN). The IRS assessment process, however, is a Commercial fraud. IRS collection is not supported by any Commercial Affidavits, Commercial Liens, or by any contracts, agreements, or True Bill in Commerce establishing the basis on which any debt can be collected.

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