Law and the Deception of Law Makers

!) THE LAW can give rise to legal fictions, !) legal fictions CANNOT give rise to THE LAW.

(If that were possible, then any 'Government' could make a LAW promulgating it's own lifetime for evermore. But, fortunately, ALL GOVERNMENTS are BOUND BY LAW, and cannot create it)

The Common Law References ARE THE LAW.

And they are ONLY THE LAW.

The Statutes quoted are nothing more than the Rules and Regulations of a 'Society'.

A Society that has NO LAWFUL STANDING because it cannot be SPECIFICALLY NAMED.

A Society whose Rules & Regulations are, therefore, entirely VOID and IRRELEVANT.

A Society that operates SOLELY by FRAUDULENT DECEPTION of purporting to 'make the LAW'.

This is a Society whose Rules and Regulations only apply to those who CONSENT to be bound by them.

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