Knowing who you are...

Knowing who you are in relation to government is a closely guarded secret of the banking cartels and an out of control Gov-Co who thrive off the suffering of the people. The people unknowingly submit to unnecessary intrusion upon personal rights and liberties simply because they are denied the basic education necessary to effectively articulate and prove that they are not 14th amendment persons.

The constitution itself contains no designation, description, or necessary admission of the existence of such a thing as slavery, servitude, or the right of property in man. We are obliged to go out of the instrument and grope among the records of oppression, lawlessness and crime--records unmentioned, and of course unsanctioned by the constitution—to find the thing, to which it is said that the words of the constitution apply. And when we have found this thing, which the constitution dare not name, we find that the constitution has sanctioned it (if at all) only by mathematical words, by unnecessary implication and inference, by innuendo and double entente, and under a name that entirely fails of describing the thing.

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