August 8, 2016


A Process for The People to
Access the Courts

Sui Juris: of his own right; authority;
possessing full social and civil rights;
having capacity to manage one's
own affairs

The Truth in the Record: Lawful Due Process.
A court is a place to make a Public Record.
A Plaintiff, a Defendant, a neutral judge
to a jury decision, in all cases
Constitutionally protected.


Chapter 1

Inalienable Rights: Rights which are not capable of being surrendered or transferred without the consent of the one possessing such rights.
(Morrison C State, Mo, App., 2422 SW 2d 97, 101)

Sovereign: A person, body or state in which Supreme authority is vested. (The Supreme Authority formerly belonging to the King was vested in The People - freeborn Natural Persons, in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights through a Republican form of government.) Where is YOUR SOVEREIGNTY in this hierarchy?


An innocent, Natural Man or Woman is literally "above the Law". He or she stands ON this Constitutional foundation as revealed in the diagram above. The restrictions apply to Government from the Constitution down through the Administrative and Corporate structures and are not applicable to Free, Natural persons. The Constitution does not bestow rights on anyone. Your Inherent Rights come from your Creator. You possess them yourself, naturally.

The Constitution is a restriction on the government, not on you, preventing your sovereign, Inherent Rights from being violated. Your sovereignty exists literally where you stand, and by birthright, reiterated by the Constitution. Yet most people mistakenly think of themselves "below" the standing of an attorney. Seeing themselves at the bottom of this pyramid, they are "standing under" or "understanding" that they gave their rights up when they agreed to allow someone else to "represent" them. (Now you know what you just gave the judge when he asked if you "understood" what he was doing to you in court ! And you said "yes", NOT understanding at all that it means you "stand under" in agreement with his process. The court from then on says you "admitted" that you "understood" the "charges".

An Inherent Right is a RIGHT, not a privilege, the exercise of which cannot lawfully be restricted with a tax or license or permission by the government.

The diagram above rightfully outlines the hierarchy wherein our freedom and Republican Authority of the People is found and which Authority must be asserted and exercised.

Chapter 2
Who is the authority in YOUR Life?

The concept of Sui Juris is to experience the meaning of personal Sovereignty. Not in the abstract, but in a REAL experience. "To KNOW" 

How do you react when you are tempted or told to compromise your integrity? 

How do you react when you are afraid? 

How do you respond when you are called before some authority, and you know your rights or the rights of someone else are being violated? 

Do you speak out? 

Do you look away? 

Do you stand up to the abuser, or sit speechless and terrified if the abuser is wearing a black robe and sheriffs are surrounding you to stop you from speaking? Do you respond from a place of fear? 

Do you act from a place of confidence, knowing your Inherent Rights and demanding that the abusers uphold the Law and allow your rights to be protected? Are you a victim subject to their trained intimidation, or knowing you have the right and power to access the Public Record, do you act like these judges and agents of the court are public servants who work for you?



The Equal process of Law is that All Men (and Women) are Created Equal before God, Our Creator. We are born with Inherent Rights, given to us by God. The Constitution does not GIVE rights to people, and there are no "constitutional rights". The Constitution is our contract at birth that RESTRICTS GOVERNMENT to PROTECT INHERENT RIGHTS. It is a common error that people believe that the constitution gives them their rights. Your birthright is from God. The concept of Sovereignty must be experienced to understand the difference.

Wherever you stand - you put out your arms - there is where you have "landed". That is your "sovereign space". Just like a King landing on some foreign territory, planting a flag, and declaring his sovereignty, wherever he landed, his Kingdom established.

In your sovereign space, which extends to your home and personal abode, whether that be a box or a car or a cave or a mansion, and including state sovereignty, your Inherent Rights are to be protected, and your sovereign space is not to be violated, for yourself, your Offspring, and your Family Body. Constitutionally, YOU ARE A KING OR A QUEEN in your castle, as the Bill of Rights gave the common man the sovereignty that previously belonged only to the King. 


Everywhere you go, your personal sovereignty goes with you, and you cannot "give" it up - it is your Natural Human Rights, to breathe, and to eat, to think, to speak, to live unmolested and to rear your children in your family according to your beliefs.

As many people grow up, they develop "dualities", or images of something they DO, confused with who they ARE. They view the world from the perspective of their personal illusions, and live in a mode of protecting the images they are upholding. Sovereignty cuts right through this "image", because the "image" can be compromised, and believe me, that is exactly what the judge will do to you in the courtroom if you challenge them. People think they will react a certain way when they stand outside of a courtroom, yet most people have no experience at all, and do not realize that the EXPERIENCE, IN COURT, of these concepts is very different from THINKING about it.

We have heard it called "the gravity effect" wherein most people get into a courtroom and clam up, terrified to speak, big strong men who moments before were full of themselves, with how they were going to confront their abusers, but in the courtroom they're completely intimidated and deferring to the judge. The judges and attorneys are seasoned vultures, trained to watch your every move and word, constantly assessing their prey for vulnerabilities, and for the common man to think he will play their game and win, is a fatal error every time. This Sui Juris process cuts through the facade they are enacting, and allows the Truth to be revealed.

Most people benefit immediately from learning to understand what they are in the middle of. The schemes and plots are being acted out right in the open, the attorneys have not hidden their corrupt practices, these deceptions are routine, used in the courtrooms every day. The blindness is because the People do not know what they are looking at, or HOW DIFFERENT IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE. The first part of this book will discuss from various angles the nature of the Beast that devours us, and anyone involved in the courts will recognize immediately the corrupt methods that are outlined here.



The trained "robot" agents of the state always act the same way, at every level, are reflection of each other. The fish rots from the head down, and from the top of the American government there is complete unaccountability at this time, a fetid decay and perverted morality, without exception. This global agenda is being enforced against our Constitutional Republican government and State sovereignty.

The courts operate from the perspective that you are a commodity under corporate status, called "state property", an "asset", and the judge has complete control over you and your life. He will find out what you fear, what you think you are, what image you're upholding, then the court will use that to strip from you everything you love and have worked for, unless you cooperate with their process, or if you dare to confront their abuse. This is the scene that you are confronting anytime you go into a court today, and any time your name has been entered into any state database for any reason, even if you go to the state for some kind of assistance. The money is being made from your rendering in the system, and your children, and the whole "21st Community" goal is a society that does not rebel when told to give up their sovereignty and not allowed to protect themselves or their families anymore. You have to be FEARLESS of anything the judge does to you when you know you are RIGHT - REFUSE to back down, and appeal anything they do. THIS BOOK WILL SHOW YOU HOW.

When you walk into a courtroom, and a judge strips you of your Inherent Rights, he does not inform you that he is doing this. He allows you to be deceived into thinking that he is actually upholding the oath he took to protect your rights in that courtroom.

He is, without you realizing it, bringing you into a foreign jurisdiction, which is the same as stepping into another country, and it is Treason for the courts to do this.

We have, over the past century, allowed others to do our thinking for us, without adequate Citizen oversight of government activities. We have allowed the bar association judges and attorneys to control all three branches of government. In fact there are NO branches now, they are called "departments". The Bar has created a protection operation in their own interest and accruing interest- as in, money off of - their global manipulations.

We have collectively trusted our public servants and assumed that the courts in America were constitutional, as they give lip service to an oath. We have learned that insidiously, our rights have been undermined in the courts, as more and more Citizens are being stripped and their Families, destroyed without Due Process of Law.

When a person begins to understand that Constitutionally "all authority is inherent in the People" and that all are equal before the Law, the facade becomes apparent in the courtroom setting. When the Citizen confronts another human on the same level, there is no control and intimidation, only a determined Citizen insisting on what is Lawfully his from a public servant who is supposed to be protecting him, and instead is his attacker.

Once the fear is gone, you see that it is a theatre going on - actors in scripted parts, using trained methods. Often everyone in the courtroom know each other and work for the state except you. It is exactly like the Wizard of Oz when the curtain is pulled back revealing the "great Oz" is nothing more than a putrid, pitiful, scheming old man putting you in harms way and exposed for the fraud that he is.


Sovereignty is your humanity, and it is based on family. The People are the only Lawful authority. We do NOT live in a DEMOCRACY - that is another misconception - we live in a REPUBLIC, where the "Authority is inherent in the People". The language is exploited at every turn to deceive the Citizens into buying into their own destruction and not realizing it. The People have to see all the pieces in order to make correct and responsible decisions.

The confrontation with the truth has been kept out of the courtrooms for many years when the government is the defendant. The facade has been upheld by compromised bar member judges, attorneys and legislators whose bank accounts are dependant on profiteering and exploitation. The People are beginning to realize that this is a real slick deception, literally the biggest protection racketeering operation in the world, shattering any preconceived notions about truth, justice and integrity in America at all levels of court and government. "Facts are not an issue", as judge William O Lewis stated on the Record in an Oregon courtroom. This insane declaration could have come from the mouth of Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass and Alice in Wonderland character, "Humpty Dumpty", the master of words and deceptions. Eventually that egg broke!

The counterfeit statutory system relies on deception to keep it sustainable, and the fear of the people to say no, keeps it fed. Whenever you lose your children, your
property, your inheritances, your money, your freedom, or anything of value, it is taken from you in a courtroom. The Fifth Amendment to the Bill of Rights guarantees that if anything is taken from you that you must be allowed a fair hearing, a trial by jury and Constitutional Judicial Due Process, and just compensation if it is not returned. None of this is being enforced at this time. Additionally, plans are being implemented called Justice 2020, the "Community Courts of Tomorrow" and "21st Century Courts", assessment centers and permanent, shared databases for the STATE, with all Constitutionally protected Inherent Rights removed. Much of the agenda is already in place, and must be stopped.

This Sui Juris process is the way the common Person can get into the Record with their facts, force the court to let them speak and make the Record, and start holding government employees and judiciary accountable for their criminal acts. The whole bottom line of a court is you present facts, they have to dispute your facts, and you dispute whatever lies are being told- who ever cannot FACTUALLY dispute (denial is not enough) the other sides facts - WINS ! That is, in an unbiased, court of justice.

This is how you bring the facts that they have to dispute into the Light of Public Exposure. The key to exercising our Sovereign Authority is to know what that feels
like in the first place. As our Constitutionalist friend William Mayhar, who has personally paid a dear price for the knowledge we are sharing, says " KNOW RIGHTS OR NO RIGHTS" and "you have rights you never dreamed of" once you understand and experience the full meaning of Sovereign Child of God standing on this Contract called the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. This spirit overcomes their might and power.


Chapter 3
"As Any Reasonable Person Would Understand"

This book is written to give as clear and comprehensive a picture as possible in simple terms to help people understand and confront courts, agencies and government abuse. It is suggested to read the book all the way through, then go back and highlight parts that you need to remember.

The information is new to many people, and concepts and illusions must be shattered for those who have preconceived notions about what a courtroom is. Especially for those who think they know what happens there or who think their freedom and the constitution are in place in America at this time.

Our personal education has come through dealing with state child services agencies, and we have particular insight for those being abused, by their corrupt in the same methods and practices. However, the public pretenders (servants) methods are similar regardless the type of court, or the nature of their abuse, when you are falsely The methods are the same regardless of the type of court, or the nature of their abuse, when you are falsely accused and cannot find recourse to defend yourself.

We are average citizens, not experts, and share our experience and insight to benefit others. Everything we have learned has been from first hand experience. We cannot help what people think or what they do not understand, if they have not experienced the corruption for themselves and don't want to believe it exists. Once a person sees the nature of what is happening to him, he is able to openly and truthfully confront his abuser. When that abuser is the government - an agency, an officer, a judge, the person especially needs to understand the network of operations and individuals that have joined against him. Your own tax dollars feeds the conspiracy machine that confronts you.

It is our hope that this information acts as a catalyst for people to rise up out of their fear and oppression, and empower themselves to understand that they have the ability and the Right - Our forefathers said the OBLIGATION - to petition any court, agency, or branch of government, for lawful Redress of Grievances, and the right to file lawsuits to charge abusive officers and elected officials for their crimes.

Most vulnerable people are defeated before they ever begin to fight back, stopped by imagined impossible hurdles like "if only I had the money" and "if only I could hire a good attorney", believing that they are powerless, not understanding their rights. They are afraid, sure that they are inadequate to defend themselves. They are believing that only an attorney knows how to write their papers, when nothing could be more dangerous or further from the truth.

We are breaking that illusion here and now - you NEVER want to allow someone to "represent" you, or you have given up your sovereign, inalienable Rights. If you are indigent it costs nothing to file your own lawsuit and plead your own cases. Everything explained in this book has been done with no more money than copies and such expenses, and without an attorney. If we had depended on either we would have been finished four years ago and had no recourse to defend ourselves. 


We fired four attorneys before we saw the nature of the exploitation and the collusion of the bar member judiciary, legislators, elected officials and attorneys through the courts. One person we work with has fired fifteen! Often people we meet who ask for help have lost everything through a succession of attorneys who have led them on, taken huge sums of money and lost their cases, knowing all along they will never confront the basic issues of deprivations of rights against their clients in a courtroom.

Constitutionally, your documents must meet the standard "AS ANY REASONABLE PERSON WOULD UNDERSTAND". That is all, and they can be written by hand if necessary. The methods and Process outlined herein can be reformatted to serve on any individual, from juvenile court to the legislature to congress, and this is what we hope everyone in America will do.

Chapter 4
It is time to claim Personal Sovereignty in the Courts

The US Supreme Court, January 12, 2000, made a decision that a "criminal" does not have the right to refuse an appointed attorney to appeal a case from the state courts, or to plead their own appeals. This ruling is an inroad to essentially strip sovereignty from all Americans, and completely sever our Constitutional right of redress of grievances and Due Process, by denying The People access to Justice.

The Justices found that the "expediency of the court" took precedence over the "criminals" right to plead his own appeal. This has been the pattern and the language used to create DA and Judge driven courts of no Constitutional Judicial Due Process. For example plea bargains are being touted as "saving all those cases from clogging up the courts". Plea bargaining being one of the ways the Prison In-Justice Industry has filled the prisons it has built with prisoners who have often never had a trial. Often these "criminals" have never been charged with a crime; there is no injured party and no victim; they are imprisoned on hearsay allegations that they "broke a rule" or "owe fines to the state" and now they are criminals, their lives and families destroyed. There is no longer presumption of innocence once accused in today's courts, nor do the modern courts enforce the state prosecutions obligation to bear the burden of proof clear and certain, with credible evidence. Slandered, you are prosecuted and jailed on unfounded accusations. The whole process is a District Attorney's malicious prosecution doing anything in or out of the "box" to win at all costs and protect the system. He also gets money and rewards for "successfully completed cases" - ie; convictions, and is demoted for bringing petitions that fail in court, so it is evident where the crooked bias lies.

The language is important, as the ruling said "criminal does not have the right to be pro se before the appeals courts". We must challenge this now, and by doing so will define Sui Juris in the Law. We do not want the "right" to "represent" ourselves. You ARE Yourself. The Court must acknowledge that "Pro Se" means "represent yourself" which is an impossibility. You ARE yourself in your God given, Inherent Rights, PROTECTED by the Constitution, with restrictions on GOVERNMENT, NOT ON YOU, a Natural Man or Woman and your Offspring. You are claiming your humanity, which is what the court has stripped from you.

The challenge to this "denial of your right to represent yourself" is: I AM, MYSELF, SOVEREIGN AUTHORITY and am not ASKING for the RIGHT to REPRESENT ANYBODY. The Court cannot refute the essential TRUTH of Protected Inherent Rights, and challenging this exposes why the court uses "pro se" and how language is used to deceive us and stop us if we don't know our rights and demand them.


There is an aggressive trend overall to say "the expediency of the court" negates our rights. It is also used to say "the People will have to give up some of their sovereignty for the good of the community". This is now taken to the bigger level, "give up your sovereignty in the best interest of the GLOBAL community". All Lawmaking has become a matter of what is the "best interest of the STATE, or the Courts, or the Agencies, or the Community" never the People or the individual.

The STATE is NOT the people anymore, but an elite group who are working the system to their own profit margin. Specifically for the last ten years, every program and legislative initiative has been completely and blatantly unconstitutional and therefore void of Law and unenforceable, but tell that to the thousands who are in jail for breaking these "unenforceable" rules. In Oregon, the courts are aggressively "moving forward" to complete the stripping away of Due Process, saying that it costs the state too much to defend indigent defendants or to allow jury trials. This is a further dangerous assault by the Bar Association to cement their control, a vulturous grasp through the courts and manipulated legislation, of every aspect of every persons life.

The rhetoric brought to the legislature to pass statutes for non constitutional courts is the theory that it is "in the Best Interest of the Court" to plea bargain. Arbitrate and Mediate most cases off the record and out of a courtroom. The attorneys say this "relieves the burden on the court" and "saves money". We asked Chief Justice Wallace Carson last year in a Senate Hearing why there are no jury trials in Juvenile Court. He said he "did not really know, except that it would probably cost too much". So much for Due Process, so much for Constitutionally protected Inherent Rights or protection of Families.

Keeping cases "out of the courts" has filled the prisons with non violent "offenders", criminalized and incarcerated often without ever being charged with a Crime. Many prisoners have never had a trial, and with no oversight a DA stacks charges and coerces a "lesser plea", often after accusing some heinous crime for which there is no evidence, or unlawfully seized children or property are held hostage to compel guilty pleas. With mandatory sentencing, one event becomes "five felonies" and the person, often children, are sentenced to long prison sentences, often their only crime is that they are poor and vulnerable and trapped in the corrupted exploitive system, unable to extricate themselves. It is a carefully crafted attorney game, and the People must become aware that at this time no one can be sure any child removed or prisoner incarcerated was allowed Due Process in court. This corrupt conspiracy has turned our nation into the most imprisoned population on earth. It's punishment for profit.

The only way to get the Truth past the attorneys and judges is to plead your case yourself, in your Lawful Sovereign capacity.

Sovereign Rights are Inherent Rights, only claimable by the Natural Man or Woman who lives and breathes and pleads their own case, the literal meaning of Sui Juris. A representative cannot claim Sovereignty for someone else, nor can an attorney exercise your Sovereign Rights in a courtroom. To force a Natural Man or Woman, free, innocent of any crime UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY OF A CRIME, to give their sovereignty away to be represented by another is unconstitutional. Preventing prisoners from exercising their Inherent Rights is the opening to get people used to the idea that it is acceptable.


As it is now, Judges will lie and tell people they "cannot fire the attorney", and the people find out like we did, that it is as easy as saying "you're fired"- in a document, and meaning it. Sometimes Judges will also play a dangerous game we call the "Get a mental health exam/fitness to proceed scam" to deprive the defendants rights and prevent the defendant from proceeding Sui Juris. In this multiple judge scam, the judge orders a mental health evaluation with a State ordered "doctor", who declares you have "prosecutorial delusions for saying the judiciary are corrupt" (Dr. Sukow in Marion County Jail is famous for that finding); then the judge declares you "unfit to proceed without an attorney" and sends you to the mental hospital, or to the jail if the hospital is full. While incarcerated, the People lose their housing, their jobs, their children, their marriages fall apart, and their lives are often destroyed forever. At this time there are known to be more than fifty people being incarcerated in the Mental Hospital in Salem, Oregon, committed there by a judge because they demanded their rights to a jury and due process.

You will learn that the Judges lie all the time and intentionally deceive you about your rights, so you must learn what those rights are and demand them, and only before the court Sui Juris will you be able to do this. An attorney's main job is to prevent confrontation on the record revealing any systemic corruption, to never "irritate the court", to bow and stand and make sure you do likewise, kissing up to the corrupt, tyrant judge ... the greedy attorney makes his living from your chaos, misery and fear and the bar wrote the rules they are using to exploit you .... the bar member attorney will block you from making the record of such facts as a Judge's lie. In order to confront this on the Record, you must plead your case yourself. You begin to see that this essential right of pleading your own case and accessing the Public Record and juries to decide the facts and the law is vital and the core of restoring and maintaining our freedom.

The Supreme Court's assault on our inherent, Constitutionally protected rights will cement the control of the Bar Association judges and attorneys, on behalf of the corporate STATE. The attorney gets his authority from the STATE bar (they say they are licensed, but they have no license in their pocket if you ask to see it). He has taken an oath to the bar, and will be disbarred if he exposes another bar member in the course of defending a client. He is often paid by the STATE, but even if you pay him all your money he has a conflict of interest to bring suit against the STATE. A known factor is that the STATE non due process courts are corrupt, the Legislators and Law Commission admit these STATE TRIBUNAL courts are NOT constitutional. The only hope we have had to correct this is the Appeals process. At this time the whole system is corrupted, and the Appeals court in Oregon routinely affirm without opinion (AWOP) most cases, including termination of parental rights cases as the State profits from selling the stolen children, reimbursed by the Federal Safe Adoptions Act. The US Supreme Court is sending a lot of federal cases back to State courts, increasingly emphasizing that the State courts must deal with State issues. 


If we are unable to plead our own Sui Juris appeals, after being routinely categorized and criminalized once accused, the door for the corruption by STATE courts is wide open. With absolutely no accountability and no oversight, with bar members in every "square on the chessboard ",the People, Due Process and our Constitutional Rights are abandoned.

We have seen signs that the Appeals courts in Oregon are frantic to avoid any true records coming up from the lower courts, since we are learning how to force the lower courts to open up so we can make an honest Public Record. Now we see a new diversionary tactic, how they plan to block the People. Conspiring with other bar members in their secret society, clandestine "Inns of Court", along with the "tyrants for life" in the Supreme Court to prevail against those who are confronting corrupt government, by contriving new strategies how to "screw" The People".

To force a Natural Person to give up their rights in any court is TREASON, and these judges are to be held accountable BY THE PEOPLE. They are already stripping our children from us, criminalizing every act possible and now they are telling us when this happens we have no right to appeal what is done to us. Forced to be raped by a Whorefor the Court and to swallow this without resistance.

Congress must act immediately to reverse these trends, and turn around this National Socialist Agenda that has overtaken our country, destroying our Constitution,
and subverting our inalienable rights.

The whole purpose of the Process we are sharing is to allow others to realize, as we did, that you CAN fight back, you CAN plead your own case and stop the agenda that has usurped the Constitution in America at this time.

We are going to write the part about the Appeals process as though this decision had never been made, as all unconstitutional "laws" are "Void of Law as though never been enacted and cannot be enforced". This is more of what we are putting an end to as we STOP tolerating being TOLD what we will and won't do in OUR courtrooms, homeland public buildings. We have allowed an illusion to convince us that we are no longer the authority in our own lives, our own bodies, our families, our government, our courtrooms; These Public Tyrants WORK FOR US. But only if we enforce our authority again, and soon.

With this ruling, it is imperative more than ever before, that we, as a Nation and as a People REFUSE to allow these corrupted PUBLIC SERVANTS to MAKE LAW from the bench as they are doing. The Sui Juris Process applies to filing petitions and lawsuits into Congress as well as the local courts. To deny access to the Public Record in any court is Obstruction of Justice, and the Supreme Court just gave Americans their answer that instead of addressing the corruption that is destroying our freedom, the higher court is acting in the interest of the Bar to create more courts of no Due Process at every level, to protect the giant Racketeering Scheme they have created and are using to deceive and control the People.

The Supreme Court fully knows, Congress fully knows, every Administrator has known fully for many years that our freedom is being eaten away, and now we find that there will be no Justice from the higher courts for redress of our claims. We HAVE TO DO THIS FOR OURSELVES. Jefferson said we should "clean house" every twenty years, but no one has. Almost ever since the Founding Fathers established this Freedom, only the foxes have been guarding the hen house.


The People must abolish the Bar Association in America, and the unconstitutional legislative mandates that only bar members can represent or counsel others. We must reclaim our children, our freedom, our lands, our inheritances, our money, our values and morals. Our very lives and posterity is on the line at this time. Whatever is taken from you is taken in a courtroom and that is where you have to go to take it back. You go into the courtroom and tell them that you do not give them permission to violate your rights, and that they are your Public Servant. This is what we are accomplishing when we bring Sui Juris- I AM - into the courtroom, full sovereignty and constitutional restrictions on the government intact. It is up to YOU to respectfully demand this and not take no for an answer, even as the Sheriffs are moving to arrest you for speaking and the judge is ordering you to jail for contempt because you will not sit down and shut up as he violates you. Remember, you have a RIGHT to speak and make the Public Record, you will get a jury trial if they arrest you ! Without an attorney, you will go into court and access that Record and expose the judges crimes !

Chapter 5
Already Heard It

(A disclaimer to all the "experts" who criticize those of us who have not been able to stop the world to learn years of Law courses when we found ourselves caught in a web of judicial deception; who were thrown into the deep end of legal manipulation and forced to sink or swim.)

There are different approaches and methods being used to force the courts to acknowledge the Constitutional rights of The People. Often these approaches conflict in methods and Process. We have been criticized for not following many of numerous "experts" alternate methods to fight in court. Often the leaders of different groups are determined that their way is the only way. Generally these are brilliant minds who have been studying the finer points of Constitutional Law for many years. We learn and use what we can. But the courts today are non-constitutional courts, and they do not care about your rights. As judge William O Lewis told us as he denied our right to speak on the Record, "facts are not an issue". When you enter a viper pit like today's courtrooms, the judges snarl and tell you to "shut up" or arrest you with contempt for talking out loud. If you go into this and try to use language you do not understand you will be eaten alive. The judge WILL grill you to see how much you really understand about what he is planning to do to you. (Remember how he asked you if you 'understood'?)

We are not experts, but know what we have lived through first hand to be the truth of the matter and share what we have learned, from our experience, at the core of Judicial Corruption. We have learned that the Truth in the Record is the catalyst to stop judicial unaccountability, and have developed a Process in order to force the courts to allow The People to access the Public Record.

There are schools of other processes who do not believe making a record is the correct approach, that to engage the corporate court at all is to allow your rights and your humanity to be stripped from you. This appears TRUE. It gets very involved why  this is so, and some of the common law lawyers know what they are doing, but their filed papers, like attorneys, most often do not record officials crimes and facts. They, like attorneys, will argue caselaw, which can be used to validate both sides of any argument.


The reality that we have experienced and the many people who call us also experience, is that if you have made the record at every hearing, stating the facts in chronological order, facts that cannot be disputed, this Record saves your life later when you least expect it and protects you as you build a case against your abusers.

Some of the legal and constitutional law processes being taught are successful to make citations disappear, for example, and tax liens "go away". Some are Administrative processes that have nothing to do with Constitutional Law, but use the Corporate system against itself. This is a success, no doubt, but like with bar member attorneys, corruption is not confronted in the courts. Even though your case may 'go away", nothing changes in the abusive policies for anyone else. Some of these groups stand on jurisdiction, rightly so, but often they DO NOT STATE FACTS. There are also schools of process to revoke the unknown contracts that have been unlawfully placed onus through our birth certificates and licenses. Among these processes are Redemption and UCC filings, to "reclaim" the straw man and sever the compelled contracts that the STATE is using to restrain you. These programs can work, but require substantial study programs before taking action.

This book is not about any of these other methods. Sui Juris is about People telling their own Truth on the Public Record, accessing the Court openly and as simply as possible, carefully learning what their Rights are, avoiding self incrimination while educating and empowering themselves to plead their cases and develop their own discernment. There are Common Law opportunists and exploiters, just as exist among bar member attorneys. The common man cannot use language he does not understand. Deceptive 'legalese' is another part of the court game. As the original constitution was written, legal papers only have to meet the standard of "as any reasonable person can understand".

We KNOW that the confrontation in the Record of Factual Truth, disputing and exposing corrupted officials and policies with the FACTS of their crimes laid out has been discouraged and blocked. But now the People have learned how to get into a Public Courtroom and command their Rightful Authority and enforce Justice in the middle of the viper pit.

We are not attorneys, who "attorn" the law by subverting it. (attorn - turn around, shred - the word attorn literally means to "turn over the property to the king - now the state !) We have become lawyers (lawyer - one who speaks law in a court). We are acting as Private Attorneys General, prosecuting our own cases against the agents of the state in the courtroom. We advise everyone to learn all they can, that knowledge is power. Most people, if they knew their rights when first being involved with the State, would not be in the mess they are in now. Just another example of how no one advised them of any rights and their lawyer did not defend their rights either. We advise that people need to evaluate what we say along with every other guidance they are given, and ultimately make the best choices for themselves from what they know. This Sui Juris Process is as simple as any reasonable person can understand, on a layman's level. We encourage all advocates to write books to help light the way for others, and appreciate all positive input. Average people finding themselves confronting a corrupted system without knowledge of the system or any experience in the courts. They are terrified, caught like deer in the headlights and frozen with fear, unable to get their bearings in a confusing assault of deceptive rhetoric by court agents and their allies.

Often more technical Processes go over the heads of the litigant, while Sui Juris is meant to be a hands on, common sense approach allowing a person to plead their own case in a courtroom. Let the People realize NOW that they CAN fight back.


Chapter 6
Introduction by Will Gaston

This introduction is written by Will Gaston, founder and President of A Voice For Children, Pamphleteer and People's Lobbyist, and most important Pamela's husband.

My introduction dwells on the usurpation of your Parental Rights, black market baby and child pornography trade, federal funding , etc., and the STATE OF OREGON, and the STATE OFFICES FOR SERVICES TO CHILDREN AND FAMILIES, (SOSCF) part in these crimes. The children's issue is where I came in but our book is a how-to and instruction manual for the Sui Juris process, and is a defense against all corrupt agencies and corrupt courts. We have written this book in clear, concise easy language for use by any layman, or anyone with the reading skills to the level of a newspaper.

This is my brief explanation of what has happened to you, why it has happened to you and what you can do to protect yourself and your children from abuse by the STATE and corrupt STATE agencies. Our book discusses and explains Judicial Process, Legal Documents, Forms and your Constitutional Rights and teaches you to understand them and use them..

You may not know it , nor understand it, but you have probably not been charged with anything. The overall problem is the "putrid stench" of a corrupt judiciary system. A Constitutional court should be an adversary system, a Plaintiff, a Defendant and a Neutral Judge, bound by a jury decision, to judge the facts, the Law and the judge.

The court is a place to make a record; the state's "charges" and your side, the truth. Unfortunately, if you have an attorney, this won't happen. The judge doesn't let you speak, because you are represented by an attorney, and if the judge doesn't let you speak, he is violating your civil rights and is corrupt; he is also presiding in an unconstitutional court and that is Treason. Your attorney will not let you put the Truth in the Record because if he "irritates the court" he gets disbarred (it is a process).

Attorneys are not licensed in Oregon (he cannot produce it from his pocket like all other state licensed contractors are required to carry), they are officers of the court and inmost states attorneys, by statute, must be members of the American Bar Association. This is the regulating body and their insurance co-op. An attorney also gets disbarred if he irritates the bar. So the attorneys will not speak for you, and if your story is not put in the record, the court decision is not appealable, as the allegations, by Law, if not disputed become fact. The only thing the court of Appeals looks at is the record to see if it was a fair trial. If it was undisputed, it is deemed to have been a fair trial.


Juvenile court, also called "Family Court" and "Community Court" and "Peer Courts" are not courts of Constitutional Judicial Due Process, and are not courts as defined under the Constitutions, of both Oregon and the United States. Juvenile courts are very corrupt agency tribunals. Judge Fred Avera ruled in the Gaston V STATE OF OREGON INC, and SOSCF; "in juvenile court there are no defendants, no charges and no jury". Judge Terry Leggert in Bolton V SOSCF ruled; "nothing in juvenile court is illegal" and on allegations only, they take the children.

Someone has made an allegation that you have abused your child. An estranged husband or wife, rebellious teenager, step parent hating kid, evil neighbor down the street, school reporting bruises, an anonymous phone call, etc. You may never know who made these allegations, but you probably have not been, and probably will not be, charged with a crime.

If you were, this would move you out of juvenile court, (an agency tribunal), into a "real" court (circuit court). In that court, although corrupt, you get a jury trial; wherein they must present CREDIBLE evidence; the burden of proof is on the STATE; allegations and preponderance are not enough; the evidence must be clear and certain; testimony must be given under oath. The circuit courts assumed (pretended) jurisdiction in Oregon, amended Article VII of the Oregon Constitution, which was never ratified, never incorporated in to the Original Constitution and sits beside the original, with "provisions" for "statutorily supplanting" the Original Constitution and and is therefore unconstitutional, but therein are provisions for probable cause, Lawful Warrants, Clear and Certain (Credible) Evidence, Due Process and Trial by Jury.

They rarely charge you with a crime because of these provisions. If they did they would have to prove it! And they usually can't do that. SOSCF is a services agency, in order to provide services they must have clients. Their clients are other people's children, a commodity (their words) worth minimally $90,000, to child protection services a year in compelled contracts. A blue eyed white baby is worth $65,000 in the black market adoption trade (I don't have figures on other races).

Juvenile court is not a court. It is an administrative tribunal, conducting agency hearings. You will never be charged with a crime and you will never be given a trial by jury as long as you are in juvenile court. It is unlawful, it is heinous, it is unconstitutional, but they take the children.

There are 24,000 Oregon children under the "directed care" of the SOSCF either incarcerated away from their families in foster homes or under unlawfully compelled contracts (according to Kay Toran, former administrator of the SOSCF). Either way they are "wards of the state". Some of these children are in the physical custody of their parents. And SOSCF can come and get them anytime they choose - and they DO !

So, if the state has kidnapped your children, you are not alone. The congressional study done for CAPTA (Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act) disclosed that two thirds of the children taken from their homes should never have been removed in the first place. When the university of Maine was commissioned to do an audit for the Oregon Legislature, they also reported that two thirds should never have been removed from their homes. According to our own present assessment the unlawful and unnecessary removal of children removal runs better than 80%.


There are many reasons for this: Corporate Socialism on a Global scale, Global Agreement on Tariffs and Trades (GATT). Germany under Hitler was a Corporate Socialist State. Adolf said the State is the Parent of the Child. Dr. Kitzhaber, governor of Oregon, says the same thing. It is part of Kitzhaber's "Oregon Shines/Benchmarks Goals" programs. SOSCF is a State Agency, Federally funded. A child and it's family are worth more than $90,000 in compelled contracts a year, minimally, bonuses paid for children taken over the quota ! The federal government pays a $10,000 "Bounty" (their words) for "Fast Track Adoption" (ASFA), adopt in a year. A child is worth $65,000 in the Black Market Baby Adoption and Child Pornography trade. SOSCF documents discuss the need to increase the number of children to be removed from their homes in order to maintain the "Funding Stream". Then there are Body Parts. We have witness to and credible reports of children being shipped out of the country by "child protective services" to other parts of the world. Some nations are openly engaging in a white slave and prostitution market, and it is not illegal. Why are American Citizens (our children) being shipped to foreign countries? News reports of investigations in Egypt, Mexico, China and Brazil are reporting the heinous slaughter of children for body parts! As you see, there is a lot of room for graft! And it is reported USA is involved in aborted fetal body parts including organs from partial birth abortions, partially born and their brains
are sucked out while still alive in the womb.

But it is more evil than this. Where there is opportunity for mega-graft, corruption, sadism and pedophilia, one might expect people of the anti-family element of society (Family defined as a Man and a Woman and their issue to fill the ranks of SOSCF in disproportionate numbers AND THEY DO ! If you were a pedophile, a sadist (taking delight in cruelty) a person of monstrous greed or any other that preys on the helpless, sticks pins in babies and tortures cats - Where would you work?

Judge Joseph Ochoa in Marion County, Oregon, and others were found by a Jury decision, in Judge Duane Ertsgaard's court on 4/10/98, to be members of a cabal dealing in the Child Pornography and Black Market Baby Trade and are kidnapping children to supply those needs. We have reams of documents, several confessions, many witness' proof positive and a jury verdict in an affirmative defense verdict that establishes everything we say and more than this. We have the videotape Record of the five day trial and verdict.

The problem is the total corruption of the SOSCF in Oregon and the Juvenile Courts, which is a tribunal, not a court of constitutional judicial Due Process, and the
Circuit Court judges also that cross over into this system.

Everything comes down to a judge: disputes over land and property, divorce, disputes with your neighbor, crime and punishment, your custody, your children's custody and wardship, all these Rights constitutionally protected and any judge that acts as a judge in Juvenile Court is presiding in an unconstitutional court and is therefore committing the crime of Trespass of Treason against your Civil Rights and against the Constitution - THE LAW OF THE LAND!

Now that I have appraised your predicament, let me explain it to you: They have alleged that you have abused your children; they have attacked you and you are not disputing their allegations because your attorney does not put your facts into evidence. And testimony that is undisputed becomes fact. Unless you counter attack - HOW???


File a Complaint in Circuit Court against: the caseworker, SOSCF, the policemen involved, the judge involved and anyone else who is involved for Racketeering, Kidnapping. Conspiracy, Fraud and Violation of the Public Trust. Don't worry, our book will show you how.

That brings us back to this what to do handbook, Sui Juris, The Truth In The Record. This book is a must have, step by step process for those whose Rights, land,
property, children, have been wrongfully attacked and taken. It is a blueprint and instructions for obtaining justice in our corrupted courts. This book outlines the method I have used in all my court cases.

One final word of advice, take as many people to witness your hearings as possible. When you click on the light the cockroaches flee for the darkness.

And the information in this book is a LIGHT SWITCH.

Chapter 7
What Is Happening To You In The Courtroom
All Rights Reserved - You Did Not Volunteer To Give Up Your Rights

Guidelines for what you can expect to experience in court, with specific focus on child services cases and juvenile courts, being where our experience has been, but the same in all courts at any level and all agencies.

We want to talk a little about what you will experience in the Courtroom, and then we will get into the Process we are using to access the Public Record. The overview I am sharing from experience will be focused on the courts and child services, but the methods and training dealing with actors of the court are the same for all courts and agencies. They use "practiced and polished methods of deception" and that is what it is.

The biggest problem we face as average people, is that we do not know our rights. We do not grasp that the Constitution does not GIVE anybody rights - it protects GOD-GIVEN INHERENT rights and RESTRICTS GOVERNMENT. The provisional government in Oregon is statutory and based on restricting Men and Women and Children's Rights and Liberties. The whole enslavement hinges on a LIE, that Natural Persons VOLUNTARILY agreed - contracted with the state - to be restricted, controlled, fined and aggrieved. Through our licensing, birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc. the STATE exploits the information and uses it to make everything subject to Itself.

This is the SOVEREIGNTY that is YOURS- you are NOT a subject to the STATE or to a KING- YOU ARE A KING ! (Or Queen) in a Republic, united with 49 other states. The STATE, a fictitious entity, has NO SOVEREIGNTY, with all authority inherent in the People, but at this time does not bear the burden of proof and has passed rules to dilute that burden of proof so as to be non existent. The STATE has become the tyrant king, using judges, money priests, attorneys and other agents as enforcers of the money machine. The bar members write the rules, the legislation, the grants, fund their own profit in every square on the board and in every branch, having created a "one hands group" that has dissolved the separation of branches so critical to maintaining a check and balance on corrupt government, and with an agenda in favor of the STATE first and foremost. They have created a way, through deceptive legislation, to violate the Public Trust without appearing to break the Law.


Those who are profiting from this exploitation are trained, know their process, are organized and have huge amounts of public money to create and keep up a public facade of respectability. We are not told that we are going to be stripped of our constitutionally protected rights in the courtroom. The media does not inform the Public about the horrendous crimes committed by STATE agents, judges and officials, and are covered up within their own ranks quietly, with so-called "internal investigations".

All of the courts are operating from the same statutory basis, and it doesn't matter whether it is your children, or land, or money, or rights being taken, the processes are the same, and the intent of the court is to WIN when the STATE, Inc. is a Party to the case.

Even the idea is ludicrous to allow unchecked STATE control of it's own employees without real citizen oversight. (We know in our own records that a pornographic video of Wills daughter was sealed and covered up by judge Joseph Ochoa, in Marion County, Oregon and no record has ever been produced of the State Police Report that was supposed to have been the "internal investigation" by officer Michael Gower. Judge Ochoa and District Attorney Dale Penn sealed up the videotape to protect the foster mother Hazel Spees and the caseworker Larry Lawson, who made the pornographic video. This judge is still a judge, running for re-election and at this time is a member of the Judicial Conduct Committee.)

Chapter 8
A "Child Abuse Industry" - Not a Protection Agency;
Non Constitutional Courts

A vital tool of deception that is used to uphold the Public Facade is language - intentionally vague words and loose interpretations that keep the true agenda and intent concealed. One of the first misconceptions is that the State Offices For Services To Children and Families are a "protection" agency, or that they "care" about children and families.

THEY ARE AN AGENCY THAT SELLS SERVICES. They DO NOT protect children. The STATE DOES NOT care about you or your children or your family. Only5% of the 1997 budget went to Family Preservation. Federal incentive money does not pay to reunite families, but huge payoffs to the agency for foster and adoptive resources, which cannot be family members. Kinship Bills and Grandparents Rights legislation is ignored. They often LEAVE children in abusive homes and most child deaths involved the STATE prior to the child's death. The STATE leaves them in danger when they SHOULD be taken, and more often, takes them when there is no crime and they are abused in foster "care". In most every incident of a child being murdered, the STATE was involved previously, prescribing drugs, monitoring the family, etc. You rarely hear of foster or adoptive home abuse unless there is a body. When the STATE creates skewered statistics to incriminate Parents for more legislative money to support their child abuse system, they do not distinguish whether Parents are biological parents or foster or adoptive parents.


When state foster workers are caught criminally, they are moved, the cases settled out of court by attorneys, with no admission of guilt on the part of the state or accountability or liability except monetarily, and the records are sealed up.

They are selling services, just like the name says. They are profiting from their commerce in taking children, selling services to the children and families and selling children in adoptions after using them as long as possible, stringing them on in the forced programs. It is a farce and a fraud, a child abuse industry that has developed, that is being used by the government to render and destroy families, with a goal of families that can be subsidized and children who are so screwed up it will guarantee the next generation of victims.

People go into a courtroom with a preconceived idea that if they are falsely accused, or being violated by the STATE without having committed a crime, that they will go into court and tell their story and all will come out right.

Then they start to wonder if they just got a lame attorney, an insane caseworker, an abusive police officer, arrogant court member or that their particular county employees are out of control abusing the citizens.

When you get in to court you find that the judges do not let you speak, and witnesses in suits who work for the STATE are being paid to destroy you with their testimony. You will hear outright lies in reports of officers and caseworkers, even ex-spouses and rebellious teenagers - anyone who accuses you - and you are rarely allowed to refute the statements.

Usually these statements are not spoken out loud, but are contained in written reports. If you do not have your discovery, and court records, you will never know the lies and fraud being used to destroy you and your family in court. (See chapter on" getting your documents".)

You need to know that you had the right to say NO when the STATE came to your door, and your children had the right to say NO. This does not always prevent the SWAT team from attacking mom as the children are handcuffed and carted away, rifles drawn on babies in predawn raids (right here in Mt. Angel to our neighbors, and in every city, every day, that you do not hear about at all) but sometimes if people are aggressive enough in their NO to these vultures, they go away and "reassess their objectives" and may decide to look for easier pickings for the days plunder.

The first confrontation - you are accused, cited, break a rule.

In most of the Child Services Cases, if the person knows their rights, and confronts the SOSCF in the first hearing, they stand a good chance of ending the case immediately and getting their children back. The Agency routinely takes children without warrants, Lawful Petitions, Affidavit of Probable Cause, and have not "made all reasonable effort" to find relatives to prevent removal of the child.

You must challenge the fact that none of these documents exist, and not fall for the doublespeak of the court to get out of it. The DA will say "we need more time to organize our paperwork, your honor" or "we need to come back this afternoon with the paperwork". You must at that moment, ON THE RECORD - state OUT LOUD - TO THE JUDGE - "Let the Record show that the STATE has no Lawful documents to be holding or to have taken my child". An attorney will not do this for you, or challenge the Lawfulness of the petition or the judges fraudulent orders. With an attorney this would be upheld and your child gone. Even if you do not get the child back, which is the original intent of the SOSCF, NOW you have something to appeal to the higher courts.


Everything A Judge Does To You - APPEAL !

The courts and the agencies work on fear and intimidation. The judge snarls and threatens, the DA's and attorneys posture, and speak in a language of "confusion of caselaw" and rhetoric. They have no knowledge of the constitution, they are not taught it in school, nor is it a part of the "legal system" as the courts are currently being conducted.

The agencies also run on this fear and intimidation, and use the children as the hostage to their unlawfully compelled service contracts. The parents are threatened, personality and cultural types who are generally assessed as vulnerable already, and threatened that if they are not cooperative they will never see their children again. They are labeled as being "in denial", they are usually never charged or convicted of any crime, never an opportunity to be 'innocent until proven guilty of a crime'. All courts of all types are constantly assessing the vulnerability of the parties, the criteria on which the judgments are made, having no bearing in fact or law.

Any expression of objection with the STATE or the courts is met with retaliation and is called "threatening a state officer" and you are automatically deemed "uncooperative", "disruptive" and "dangerous". In order to confront the crimes of the agencies and courts, you must get past the fear of what might happen to you. We have learned in our own experience and from helping hundreds of families, that they do not intend to give you back your children (or your land, or your money, or your freedom, or anything els